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Sketching and Drawing: Simple Drills & Skills
Drawing is a language, and Sketching and Drawing contains the grammar and vocabulary necessary for readers to develop their own style. It is also a book that doesn't believe in 'can't draw'. After a brief introduction and expansion on how the book works, would-be (will-be!) artists are... дальше
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The Classical Country House
The Classical Country House, 25 октября 2010 г.
Watkin David
In The Classical Country House architectural historian David Watkin takes a fresh and innovative look at the traditional British country house and shows how Classicism has been a seminal influence on British architecture since the seventeenth century. He demonstrates how the antecedents... дальше
3 368 руб.
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New York, Portrait of a City
New York, Portrait of a City, 2010 г.
Golden Reuel
Presenting the story of New York in photographs, photo-portraits, maps, and aerial views, this title contains nearly 600 pages of emotional, atmospheric images, from the mid-19th century onwards. It includes hundreds of quotations and references from relevant books, movies, shows and songs.... дальше
4 493 руб.
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Judy Garland: The Other Side of the Rainbow
Judy Garland: The Other Side of the Rainbow, 2010 г.
Freedland Michael
This unique biography of the superstar born Frances Ethel Gumm in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, is based on talks with people who actually knew her from the 90-something woman in Grand Rapids who used to babysit the star to the producers, nightclub owners, musicians and friends who experienced... дальше
1 632 руб.
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The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story
Marilyn Monroe was a movie legend, starring in films such as Some Like it Hot and The Seven Year Itch, and in later years, The Misfits, with Clark Gable. She had many affairs, including with John F Kennedy. In 1962, this beautiful star died, probably from suicide. There have been many... дальше
1 719 руб.
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Body Piercing
Body Piercing, 2010 г.
Thorne Russ
The first fully comprehensive, illustrated guide to body art in all its forms, Body Piercing is the only reference source available that takes you through every step of the process. From choosing a style, placement, and finding the right artist, to ensuring safety and proper care, this... дальше
1 153 руб.
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The New Curtain Book
The New Curtain Book, 25 апреля 2007 г.
Hoppen Stephanie
This innovative decorating book is a unique combination: a reference book that covers the whole spectrum of window treatments from classical swags and tails to minimalist breaths of muslin - The New Curtain Book is the curtain bible for the twenty-first century. Inside, Stephanie Hoppen... дальше
1 795 руб.
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