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Artech House

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Advances in Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion
Advances in Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion, 24 октября 2014 г.
Mahler Ronald P.S.
This is the sequel to the 2007 Artech House title, Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion. This book addresses the large number of significant advances that have appeared since the publication of the first book, both practical and theoretical. The book presents systematic... дальше
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Geospacial Computing in Mobile Devices
Geospacial Computing in Mobile Devices, 23 сентября 2014 г.
Chen Ruizi, Guinness Robert
Geospatial computing includes utilizing computing devices and sensors to acquire, process, analyze, manage, and visualize geospatial data, which users can then interact with via a large variety of smart geospatial applications. Geospatial computing is a computational-demanding task, in... дальше
12 606 руб.
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Electronic Warfare Receivers and Receiving Systems
Electronic Warfare Receivers and Receiving Systems, 1 августа 2014 г.
Richard A. Poisel
Receivers systems are considered the core of electronic warfare (EW) intercept systems. Without them, the fundamental purpose of such systems is null and void. This book considers the major elements that make up receiver systems and the receivers that go in them. This resource provides... дальше
16 697 руб.
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Secure Messaging on the Internet
Secure Messaging on the Internet, 1 августа 2014 г.
Oppliger Rolf
This book offers a comprehensive understanding of secure Internet messaging, and brings together all the relevant and critical information needed to use OpenPGP and S/MIME-compliant software. It explores the conceptual and technical approaches followed by the developers of both OpenPGP... дальше
9 746 руб.
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Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer’s Handbook, Third Edition
Every high-tech sales team today has technical pros on board to "explain how things work", and this success-tested training resource is written just for them. This newly revised and expanded third edition of an Artech House bestseller offers invaluable insights and tips for... дальше
8 708 руб.
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