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Anova Books

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Nova 1965-1975
Nova 1965-1975, 2019 г.
Hillman David, Peccinotti Harri
A reissue of a cult design book about Nova, the groundbreaking British magazine of the 60s and 70s, with a new introduction.
Nova 1965-1975 celebrates one of the most influential magazines in history. Known as "the thinking woman's magazine" Nova was a British publication... дальше
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Painting Nature's Details
Painting Nature's Details, 2019 г.
Thurstan Meriel, Martin Rosie
A practical guide to painting nature's flora and fauna from award-winning botanical painting authors Meriel Thurstan and Rosie Martin.
Recording the wildlife that surrounds us is an age-old art. The authors, in collaboration with the Eden Project, show us how to accurately and... дальше
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Mindful Calligraphy
Mindful Calligraphy, 2019 г.
Mindful Calligraphy is a unique and groundbreaking book that fuses the art of calligraphy and mindfulness.
Calligraphy has long been known to centre and balance mind and body - concentrating on pen strokes is a good way to tune in positively and live in the moment. And lettering and... дальше
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Botanical Painting with the Society of Botanical Artists
An illustrated, comprehensive guide to botanical painting written by the Society of Botanical Artists. In this new book the Society of Botanical Artists provides a comprehensive guide to the different styles and methods of botanical painting, harvesting the talent of both Members and... дальше
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A Line Around England. A Colouring Book of the Nation's Favourite Landmarks
Artist Simon Harmer creates delightful and distinctive line drawings of our famous landmarks and landscape. In 'A Line Around England' he travels from Hadrian's Wall to Cornwall illustrating everything from Stonehenge to Blackpool Tower. Each drawing is accompanied by a short text... дальше
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Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project
Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project, 2008 г.
Martin Rosie, Thurstan Meriel
Botanical Illustration Course - published with the Eden Project - is your personal guide to the study of botanical drawing and watercolour painting. Devised by an award-winning botanical artist who teaches at the Eden Project, this course takes you from basic drawing techniques to... дальше
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