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Authentic Recipes from Japan
Authentic Recipes from Japan, 19 июня 2017 г.
Kosaki Takayuki, Wagner Walter
The essence of Japan is captured right here in this beautiful Japanese cookbook! More than any other cuisine in the world, Japanese food is a complete aesthetic experience - a delight for the eyes, the nose and the palate. The desire to enhance rather than to alter the essential quality... дальше
771 руб.
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At Home in Japan
At Home in Japan, июнь 2017 г.
Otowa Rebecca
What would it be like to move to Japan, leaving everyone you know behind, to become part of a traditional Japanese household? At Home in Japan tells an extraordinary true story of a foreign woman who goes through an amazing transformation, as she makes a move from a suburban lifestyle in... дальше
1 114 руб.
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Sustainable Asian House
Sustainable Asian House, 2017 г.
McGillick Paul
With over 350 vibrant photographs, extensive commentary and architectural plans, this architecture and design book showcases the modern luxury homes of Asia. The Sustainable Asian House celebrates modern architecture as an expression of environmental, social and cultural sustainability as... дальше
2 569 руб.
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Adventures in Asian Art
Exploring other cultures is a favorite classroom activity for teachers and students alike. Now, author Sue DiCicco draws on her background as a writer, illustrator, sculptor, and former Disney animator to take kids on an imaginative tour of China, Japan, Korea, India, and beyond through... дальше
956 руб.
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Cook's Journey to Japan by Sarah Marx Feldner
Cook's Journey to Japan by Sarah Marx Feldner, 2014 г.
Feldner Sarah Marx
"Dozo, meshiagre! (Go ahead, dig in!). Sarah will guide you well..." -Elizabeth Andoh, from her foreword
At twenty-eight years of age, Sarah Marx Feldner quit her job, sold her house, and moved to Japan to pursue her passion for Japanese food and cooking. A Cook's Journey to... дальше
925 руб.
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Art of the Japanese Garden
The Art of the Japanese Garden is the only historical overview of Japanese gardens that covers Japanese gardening culture in one beautiful book.
Japanese gardens are rooted in two traditions: an indigenous prehistoric tradition in which patches of graveled forest or pebbled beach were... дальше
1 492 руб.
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