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The Scar-Crow Men

The Scar-Crow Men

Автор/составитель: Chadbourn Mark
Издательство: Transworld Publishers

Supernatural action and adventure meets brilliantly researched historical fiction in the second novel in the genre- busting Swords of Albion trilogy. 1593. Walsingham has been dead for two years and a new mood of suspicion and mistrust sweeps through England's network of spies. No one feels safe. Even the great Will Swyfte must watch his back. Then Will's best friend, playwright and spy Kit Marlowe is accused of being a double agent and Will knows he must act... but too late, Marlowe is killed in a pub brawl that has all the hallmarks of an assassination. Going in search of Marlowe's killer, Will discovers that key members of England's ruling class, including many of Walsingham's men, are not who they claim to be: they look -- and act -- the same but they are changelings, straw men brought to hideous life through the vile magick of the Unseelie Court. In an atmosphere of growing paranoia, Will is branded a traitor and goes on the run.

The glass has turned: he must uncover the true nature of this supernatural conspiracy or the executioner's block awaits. Will Swyfte -- swordsman, adventurer, scholar, rake, and the greatest of Elizabethan England's new breed of spy -- and his comrades in covert arms must once again venture forth into the dark, deadly world of the vengeful Unseelie folk in defence of Queene and Countrie!

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