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Tectonics of Place

Tectonics of Place

Автор/составитель: Johnson Scott
Издательство: Images Publishing Group

Johnson Fain is a fully integrated architecture, planning, and interior design studio. Design partner Scott Johnson, and William Fain, managing partner and director of urban design and planning, personally oversee a diverse range of project types. Johnson Fain is the recipient of numerous awards for design excellence. The firm was also the master plan architect for Mission Bay, San Francisco's new mixed-use community, and home to UC San Francisco's medical campus. Projects in Southern California include Century City's MGM Tower, SunAmerica Center, and Fox Plaza, downtown's Central High School, and Amgen's Thousand Oaks campus. Projects designed by the firm in Northern California include The Capitol Area East End, Sacramento's easterly expansion of State Capitol offices, Rincon Center, the adaptive re-use of, and the addition of new residential towers to, the historic Rincon Postal Annex in San Francisco, and the Opus One Winery in the Napa Valley. The firm is currently designing and planning master projects in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Japan, and China.

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