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Ignite. The Art of Lighting Design Alliance

Ignite. The Art of Lighting Design Alliance

Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers

Lighting Design Alliance's goal is to design lighting in conjunction with architecture and interiors to create dramatic, memorable spaces. Dynamic environments are achieved by integrating the use of concealed light sources, natural light and decorative fixtures. The careful implementation of a collective design concept throughout every phase of the project guarantees success. This beautifully photographed, 176 page, full-color volume reflects LDA's lighting design philosophy by showcasing their very best work. Featured projects include: LAX Masterplan, The Port of Los Angeles, The Venetian, The Borgata, Atlantis Resort Phase III, The Cheesecake Factory (60+ locations, Endeavor Talent Agency, Warner Music, and Warner Home Video.) This collection is a must for anyone seeking innovative and imaginative solutions to architectural lighting challenges.

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