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The Wedding Writer

The Wedding Writer

Автор/составитель: Schneider Susan
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

Wedding writers face particular challenges, envy being one of them, especially if the writer happens to be single, as Lucky is. Who are all these smug people, thinking life is just one great big happily ever after? Does anyone truly believe in fairytales any more? It's a different kind of 'big day' at Your Wedding magazine. Lucky Quinn once a lowly wedding writer is thrust into the spotlight as Editor-in-Chief on the same day that two of the magazine's major competitors fold. Things are looking worse for sacked former-editor Grace Ralston, who has been at the helm of Your Wedding from day one, and is now facing a lonely, uncertain and unemployed future. Meanwhile Lucky must face the confusion and disappointment of her new staff, who are struggling with their own professional and personal issues in the wake of Grace's departure. For better or for worse, each woman confronts her past and deals with her hectic present in this tale of women, work and the world of weddings.

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