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Автор/составитель: Finnamore Suzanne
Издательство: Penguin Group

He came home from work. She fixed him a martini. He said she looked beautiful. And then four catastrophic words hung in the air between them: I Want A Divorce. That was it. Suddenly Suzanne Finnamore was alone, with no idea of what to do next. What would she say to her young son when he woke up the next morning? How would she tell the world that he'd chosen to move on and leave her behind? She faced the news of her ex-husband's Thing Woman, she suffered the emptiness of a Valentine's Day alone, she drank all the mandarin-flavoured vodka that was festering in the freezer. But with a lot of grit and the help of her whiskey-toting mother, Bunny, and loyal friend Christian, she found the hope and humour to drag herself through. From her darkest moments of despair to the eventual freedom of life on her own, Suzanne's story will speak to anyone whose heart's been stamped on - and needed the strength to start afresh.

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