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Business Goals 2. Student's Book

Business Goals 2. Student's Book

Авторы/составители: O'Neil Mark, Knight Gareth, Hayden Bernie
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Серия: Business Goals

Business Goals is a two-level course in communicative English for students learning English for business purposes.
Business Goals 2 aims to give Pre-Intermediate students the language and confidence to use English in a wide range of business and social situations.
The carefully graded syllabus introduces functional language, vocabulary and grammar in manageable amounts through realistic business situations. Learners are provided with many opportunities for communicative spoken practice through realistic and motivating activities.
With a focus on listening and speaking, Business Goals 2 will help build confidence in using English in areas such as telephoning, meetings, making arrangements, negotiating and networking.
Key features:
• emphasis on useful language in realistic business situations
• realistic and motivating communication activities
• language and vocabulary files providing language support, both reference and practice
• plenty of listening material with a wide range of accents
• regular review sections to aid recycling of new language

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