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19th Century European Furniture

19th Century European Furniture

Автор/составитель: Payne Christopher
Издательство: Antique Collectors Club

The sheer complexity of the subject of European furniture, ranging through an enormous variety of styles with often only small regional differences, makes it unrealistic to cover it adequately in anything less than the detailed and lavishly illustrated work we have here. France dominated the European furniture scene as her extraordinary cultural influences were much encouraged, if not created, by the aspirations of the two Napoleons who wished to recreate that country's earlier grandeur. This is not to underestimate, however, other influences such as Turkish, Moorish, African, Far and Mid-Eastern, which filtered in through neighbouring European countries and were often incorporated into furniture designs throughout the Continent. It was inevitable that such a vast area, with its strong external and internal influences, and at the same time undergoing great political and industrial change, should be responsible for a confused mixture of styles with much of the furniture frankly bizarre or mass-produced. Yet the period also saw the manufacture of the excellently crafted and beautifully designed pieces, which are so sought after and appreciated today. This pioneering reference work discusses the period 1830-1910 in great depth, and with great clarity.

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