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Dabbous. The Cookbook

Dabbous. The Cookbook

Автор/составитель: Dabbous Ollie
Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing

Occupying an edgy urban space in London's Fitzrovia, Dabbous is the restaurant that has stunned critics and diners since it opened in 2012. Behind the sheet metal door, chef Ollie Dabbous creates light, modern dishes that are both sophisticated and deceptively delicate; jewel-like creations that are in stark contrast with the restaurant's industrial decor. 'Spring' includes 'Mixed alliums in a chilled pine infusion' and 'Braised halibut with pink purslane and celery', whilst 'Summer' features 'Ripe avocado with osmantus' and 'Elderflower sherbet'. In 'Autumn' there is 'Chocolate and hazelnut ganache with basil moss and sheep's milk sorbet' and 'Winter' boasts 'Coddled hen's egg with smoked butter and mushrooms', 'Mash and gravy', and 'Fresh milk curds with birch sap and grilled chestnuts'. Dabbous is closely aligned with the ethos of the restaurant: stripped-down and pure, with exquisite photographs of each dish taken by Joakim Blockstrom. As the distillation of Ollie Dabbous' creativity, it is without doubt the most desirable cookery book of the year.

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