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Global Innovation Science Handbook

Global Innovation Science Handbook

Авторы/составители: Gupta Praveen, Brett E. Trusko
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

A comprehensive guide to the science, art, tools, and deployment of innovation, brought together by two Editors of the prestigious International Journal of Innovation Science, with ground-breaking contributions from global innovation leaders in every type of industry. Innovation has become a widely recognized strategic tool to achieve bottom-line results and increase shareholders' value. Most books on innovation address only a single aspect or are tailored to a specific industry. Global Innovation Science Handbook includes chapters on every aspect of innovation from the perspective of different industries, both private and public, making it a complete, authoritative source for learning about innovation. Innovation leaders and experts from around the world share their knowledge and experiences in this work. The book spans from concepts to commercialization of the innovation process, its management in an organization, a maturity model to assess organizations' growth in deploying innovation, and an innovation index. Case studies share the field experience, making innovation easy to implement for readers across all industries. Covers creativity tools, idea management, innovation methodologies, measurement, deployment, and sustaining return on innovation Includes case studies from different types of organizations, both public and private, from varied industries: healthcare, consumer products, nanotechnology, education, information technology, and biotechnology Edited and organized by the former and current Editors of the International Journal of Innovation Science, with a veritable "Who's Who" of the global innovation world contributing their work.

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