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ACT For Dummies

ACT For Dummies

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Авторы/составители: Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Hatch Scott
Издательство: Wiley

Sharpen your ACT test-taking skillswith this updated and expanded premier guide with CD.
Are you struggling while studying for the ACT? ACT For Dummies, Premier Edition with CD is a hands-on, friendly guide that offers easy-to-follow advice to give you a competitive edge by fully preparing you for every section of the ACT, including the writing test. You'll be coached on ways to tackle the toughest questions and how to stay focused and manage the time available for each section. This test guide includes three tests in the book plus two more and 50 interactive math formula flashcards on the CD. ACT For Dummies, Premier Edition with CD, gives you the skills you need to get your best possible score!

- Get a grip on grammar — prepare yourself for the English portion of the ACT and get a refresher on the grammar rules you once knew but may have forgotten.
- You can count on it — discover time-tested strategies for scoring high on the math portion — from basic math and geometry to algebra and those pesky word problems — and formulate a strategy to memorize lengthy formulas with 50 flashcards on the CD.
- Read all about it — save time and brain cells with helpful tips on how to get through the reading passages — and still have enough time to answer the questions.
- Blinded by science? — learn to analyze the various science passages and graphs and get proven techniques on how to tackle each type.
- Practice makes perfect — take three practice tests in the book, plus two more on the CD, complete with answers and explanations.

Open the book and find:
An overview of the exam and how it's scored... дальше »;
Tips to help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses;
How to make the best use of your time;
Ways to sharpen essential grammar, writing, math, and science skills;
Practice essay questions and guidance for the optional writing test;
Five full-length practice tests with complete answer explanations;
Reasons not to believe common myths about the ACT.
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