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Автор/составитель: Poolman Jeremy
Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing

Janek Janowiec is awaiting trial. In his cramped attic apartment in Krakow he has decided to set straight the record of his life, and yet he is wracked by the guilt and knowledge of a number of terrible secrets. What happened to his friend, the charismatic revolutionary leader, Fredzio? What exactly did his father do in the war? And where is his wife Rachel? With Janek himself telling the story the answers can never really be known and the need for secrecy seems ever more necessary when the voice of his dead father starts to visit him in his attic - goading and tormenting him, as he used to when Janek was a boy. Casting a revealing light on many of the neuroses of the late twentieth century, Skin is a gripping read that looks into the chilling mind of a man whose lies and obsessions spill shockingly across every page.

653 руб.
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