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The AA Guide to Cornwall

The AA Guide to Cornwall

Издательство: LBS

The best places to visit in the region, including great places to eat and drink, full-color detailed town plans and maps, and clear A-Z of must-visit places for easy navigation. Unlike other guides, the AA's new travel books offer a fresh way to discover Britain by combining decades of expert knowledge with a clear, contemporary design and engaging up-to-the-minute commentary from local writers in the know—a modern guide for the digital age. These guides focus on just the things readers want—great places to eat and drink, award-winning campsites, and places to visit. They don't just tell you what's there; they give you the inside story so you can decide whether it's for you. With town plans and postcodes to help you find your way around on foot or by GPS, the author's picks of the top things you need to know and see, and an easily-navigable gazetteer, AA Guides are all you need to discover Britain on the go.

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