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Easy Steps to Chinese vol. 8 - Teacher's book

Easy Steps to Chinese vol. 8 - Teacher's book

Авторы/составители: Yamin Ma, Xinying Li
Издательство: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Серия: Easy Steps to Chinese

This is the teacher›s book accompanying Easy Steps to Chinese—Textbook 8, which can be used by teachers to prepare lessons. There are answers to most of the exercises in the textbook and supplementary materials for some exercises as well, which will provide teachers with more testing materials. The teaching purpose and language points are listed at the beginning of each unit to help teachers focus on the key points when preparing or teaching the lesson and achieve the teaching purpose. To comprehensively test the students› mastery of each unit and their ability of communication, the book provides unit tests of reading and writing, which are designed with reference to the test types in many other countries so that the results can be closest to the students› actual Chinese proficiency and communicative ability. As for oral testing, teachers may use the «Oral Questions» in each unit review as reference questions to ask the students and test their speaking skills, or otherwise design some situations for the students to role-play, converse or discuss.

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