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Applied Biophysics. A Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists

Applied Biophysics. A Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists

Автор/составитель: Thomas Andrew Waigh
Издательство: Wiley

This book presents the fundamentals of molecular biophysics, and highlights the connection between molecules and biological phenomena, making it an important text across a variety of science disciplines. The topics covered in the book include: phase transitions that occur in biosystems (protein crystallisation, globule coil transition etc); liquid crystallinity as an example of the delicate range of partially ordered phases found with biological molecules; how molecules move and propel themselves at the cellular level; the general features of self assembly with examples from proteins; and, the phase behaviour of DNA. The physical toolbox presented within this text will form a basis for students to enter into a wide range of pure and applied bioengineering fields in medical, food and pharmaceutical areas.

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