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Hagenbund. A European Network of Modernism 1900 - 1938

Hagenbund. A European Network of Modernism 1900 - 1938

Авторы/составители: Agnes Husslein-Arco, Boeckl Matthias, Krejci Harald
Издательство: Hirmer

The Viennese artists' association Hagenbund had a decisive influence on the art scene between 1900 and 1938, not only at home but also in Central Europe. It united different art movements under its umbrella and introduced a new creative dynamic at a time when the Vienna Secession was slowly losing its impact after 1918. The liberal attitude of the Hagenbund artists was revolutionary. The Hagenbund represented an early network of European art with a regional focus on Vienna. In 1907 a first joint exhibition featured Hungarian, Polish, Czech and German artists. This volume analyses for the first time in an art-historical context, the network of relationships between artists in Vienna, Prague, Munich, Budapest, Lviv, Krakow and Trieste. The members of the Hagenbund included Oskar Laske, Carry Hauser and Otto Rudolf Schatz. They welcomed illustrious guests such as Anton Faistauer, Oskar Kokoschka and Anton Kolig. The early network established an extremely open approach to exhibitions and a lively intercommunication between European artists.

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