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My Father at 100

My Father at 100

Автор/составитель: Reagan Ron
Издательство: Penguin Group

"Everyone thinks he knows Ronald Reagan, but those who truly knew him best still grapple with the enduring mystery of his inner character".
Even after his death in 2004, Ronald Reagan remains one of America's most popular and beloved presidents, but he is also a man whom history and his own privacy have conspired to turn into a remote icon.
Ron Reagan celebrates the centenary of his father's birth by visiting the towns that shaped him to share both his own memories and a uniquely privileged portrait of a young "Dutch" Reagan. My Father at 100 illuminates a father, a husband, a friend, and finally a human being with his own fears and foibles, yet armed with a set of unshakeable principles that he sought to instill not only in his son, but also in the country he so fiercely loved.

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