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Justice League 6: Injustice League

Justice League 6: Injustice League

Автор/составитель: Johns Geoff
Издательство: DC/Vertigo Comics

When the extradimensional evildoers called the Crime Syndicate invaded our world, they took down the heroes of the Justice League in seconds. Only an alliance of criminals — led by Lex Luthor — turned the tide and freed the planet from their iron grip.
Now Luthor is being hailed as a hero. His crimes have been forgiven. And the secrets of the super heroes are his to exploit...
Then Luthor demands a place on the Justice League as his reward, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have no choice but to allow it. This way, they can keep their greatest enemy under close watch and harness his incredible genius against the even greater threat on its way.
Yet, Luthor claims he’s truly a changed man, ready to use his gifts to help the heroes, not destroy them. Truth? Lies? Either way, the Justice League will never be the same…

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