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Авторы/составители: Knight Nick, Knapp Sandra
Издательство: Schirmer/Mosel

The young British photographer Nick Knight discovered the beauty of dried plants on a stroll through the herbarium, the library of pressed flowers, at the Natural History Museum in London. These flowers were a source of such fascination to the photographer that in 1997 he devoted his second large photo album to them. The charm of their fragile corporeality, their filigree transparency, and their subtle colors delighted Nick Knight for more than three and a half years - the time it took him to select from over six million plants in the herbarium. Sandra Knapp, curator of Central American plants at the Natural History Museum has written short explanatory texts on the individual plants commenting on their biological characteristics as well as on their historical and cultural importance. A classic of plant photography, Nick Knight: Flora is now available again in an unchanged edition.

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