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GoGetter 1. Teacher's Book with MyEnglishLab + Extra Online Homework

GoGetter 1. Teacher's Book with MyEnglishLab + Extra Online Homework

Дополнительно: + DVD
Автор/составитель: Bright Catherine
Издательство: Pearson Education

Full-colour teacher's guide with embedded Student Book pages:
- Student Book pages with easy to find overwritten answers;
- Tips and hints to develop your teaching skills;
- Photocopiable activities.
- An online, interactive edition of the Workbook;
- Save time using the automated Gradebook in the Online Workbook, so more time to support weaker students;
- Get instant online reports so less time worrying if work has been completed and more time focusing on progress;
- Motivate teenagers with interactive activities and course video at home or in the classroom;
- Offline access to teacher resources and printable worksheets and tests.
Extra Online Practice:
- Reinforce Student Book material with additional, interactive grammar, vocabulary and skills practice;
- Online, interactive activities;
- Motivating, interactive activities based on course video content and Check Yourself! lessons... дальше »;
- Access code available in the Teacher's Book or through a subscription to MyEnglishLab.
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