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Japan in Miniature. A Gift of Inro, Ojime und Netsuke

Japan in Miniature. A Gift of Inro, Ojime und Netsuke

Издательство: Hirmer

The private collection of 80 inro, ojime and netsuke presented here was donated to the Museum for Lacquer Art in 2017. The wealth of objects reproduces plants and animals with symbolic significance, literary subjects, historical scenes and famous landscape scenarios - and thus presents an image of Japan in miniature.
An inro, meaning "seal container" in English, is a small, flat stackable box which a Japanese man in a kimono could carry on the silk belt slung around his hips. This gem was invented in the late sixteenth century, and before long numerous workshops were specialised in its production. The donation of a private collector to the Museum for Lacquer Art includes 80 inro with a variety of decorative techniques and shows a wide range of artistically designed motifs. This new acquisition of astounding quality and diversity has been knowledgeably compiled in this inventory catalogue by Heinz and Else Kress.

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