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Concept Code. How to Create Meaningful Concepts

Concept Code. How to Create Meaningful Concepts

Авторы/составители: Gaby Crucq-Toffolo, Knitel Sanne
Издательство: Bis Publishers

Conceptual thinking involves adding vision to a product, service, or organisation. Content is key, as it determines the coherence of the concept. Consumers want to experience every aspect of the concept. In addition, the producer must meet the emotional and functional needs of the consumer. Therefore, while it is necessary to "think conceptually", it is also important to "do conceptually"; a concept must be executable (doable). In order to attract and bind your consumer, your concept becomes vital for your success. Concept Code guides you through every stage of bringing life to an idea in order for it to grow into a fully matured concept. It also gives insight into the importance of the consumer's mind and how this functions in to make your concept successful.

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