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Welcome Starter A. Pupil's Book with Pupil's CD

Welcome Starter A. Pupil's Book with Pupil's CD

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Издательство: Express Publishing
Серия: Welcome

Pupil's Book (+ Pupil's Audio CD).
Welcome is a highly motivating course specially designed to young learners. Through adventures of a lively group of characters and their mischievous genie, the puplis have the opportunity to experience the English languageand culture in an effective and appealing way.
Welcome Starter a Key Features:
A carefully graded syllabus to expose young learners to the essentials of the English language at this level.
Memorable and enjoyable presentation of language through flashcards and posters.
Appealing songs and chants to present, practise and consolidate the key language.
A cartoon in every unit following the delightful adventures of Cecil Mouse and friends.
Circle-time activities.
An introduction to the British way of life.
Craftwork, promoting hands-on approach.
A built-in story, The Little Red Hen, promoting reading for pleasure.
Nursery songs.
Posters with thematic picture dictionaries.
Detailed Teacher's Book with a versatile Resource Bank.

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