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Oxford Discover 1. Teacher's Book Pack (Teacher's Guide, CPT and Teacher Resource Center)

Oxford Discover 1. Teacher's Book Pack (Teacher's Guide, CPT and Teacher Resource Center)

Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Oxford Discover

The 2nd edition of Oxford Discover builds on it's tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for future success at primary school and beyond.
The Teacher's Pack is full of essential lesson information and additional resources for teachers to use in the classroom. It contains access codes for the Classroom Presentation Tool and Teacher Resource Center along with a comprehensive Teacher's Guide that includes extensive teaching notes.
- Classroom Presentation Tool allows you to run smooth heads-up lessons by projecting the Student Book with embedded audio and video.
- Classroom Presentation Tool allows you to run heads-up lessons and includes Oxford Discover audio, video, grammar animations, classroom activities and more!
- Teacher's Resource Centre includes all resources and online practice in order to track student's progress.
- Teacher's Resource Centre includes Online Practice, Assessment for Learning Package, Reading comprehension, Worksheets, 'Teaching Strategies for Oxford Discover videos' and more!
- 'Teaching Strategies for Oxford Discover' demo videos teach practical tips and ideas that teachers can tailor to their teaching context and implement in class today.
- Downloadable Parent's Guides, with fun activities and revision of vocabulary and grammar give parents the opportunity to support their child's English language learning.
- The Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step guidance on all content in the Student Book, including an introductory description on the methodology behind the course.

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