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CD-ROM. Mouse and Me! Level 1. iTools

Авторы/составители: Vazquez Alicia, Dobson Jennifer
Производитель: Oxford University Press
Серия: Mouse and Me!

The Mouse and Me! iTools contains the complete Student Book on-screen to help you deliver heads-up learning. You can play interactive games and songs from the course. The iTools can be used on your tablet or computer, and connected to an interactive whiteboard or projector. iTools are great for classroom use, either using an interactive whiteboard or a PC and a projector. All your resources in one place! Includes all pages of the Student Book. Play interactive games. Contains all the songs from the Student Book. Live-action songs enable children to learn from other real-life children. Animations of the stories bring the characters and stories to life. Live-action footage from a British nursery school enables children to relate to children just like them. Real world clips enhance the cross-curricular Smart topics.

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