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Серия "IB Diploma Programme"

Производитель: Oxford University Press
Всего 5 товаров
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Environmental Systems and Societies. Course Companion
Environmental Systems and Societies. Course Companion, 2015 г.
Rutherford Jill, Williams Gillian
6 378 руб.
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Theory of Knowledge. Course Companion
Theory of Knowledge. Course Companion, 2013 г.
Dombrowski Eileen, Rotenberg Lena, Bick Mimi
Fully comprehensive and completely updated, this new edition exactly matches the 2013 syllabus and most accurately embodies the IB way of teaching TOK. Complete with a supporting Skills & Practice text, this authoritative package will concretely strengthen critical thinking and take... дальше
6 282 руб.
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IB English B: For the IB Diploma
IB English B: For the IB Diploma, 31 августа 2012 г.
Aldin Kawther Saa'D, Tempakka Tiia, Awad Jeehan Abu
Incorporating a wide range of texts from all over the world, this text covers all the main core topics plus the options to fully address the requirements for English B at both Standard and Higher Level. Linguistic and intercultural communication competencies are thoroughly covered, in... дальше
4 849 руб.
в наличии*; планируемая дата доставки: 7 августа (Пт)
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Ib Mathematics. Higher Level
Ib Mathematics. Higher Level, 16 августа 2012 г.
Harcet Josip, Heinrichs Lorraine, Seiler Palmira Mariz
Part of a completely new offering for IB Mathematics, this text provides extensive practice, detailed examination support, the latest GDC support and a free eBook, in addition to offering the most thorough syllabus coverage, which is crucial for the IB student. Uniquely developed with the... дальше
8 830 руб.
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Ib Environmental Systems and Societies
Ib Environmental Systems and Societies, 28 июня 2012 г.
Rutherford Jill
This course book presents a lively resource full of case studies, extracts, quotations, statistics and activities to allow students to fully understand complex and controversial issues. It follows an approach that includes the wider aims of the IB through connections to TOK... дальше
4 437 руб.
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