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Серия "Scholastic Early Learners"

Производитель: Scholastic
Всего 5 товаров
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Trace and Learn 123
Trace and Learn 123, 2019 г.
Trace and Learn 123 is a fun interactive introduction to counting and numbers. Each large-size number features a finger-trace groove just the right size for tiny hands. There is a flap for numbers 1 to 100, and under each one the reader will find a corresponding picture.
Arrows and
... дальше
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Flashcards: 50 Spanish-English First Words
567 руб.
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My First Book of Shapes / Mi primer libro de figuras
With vivid photography and see-through windows, this fun book provides a great introduction to the world of shapes for young children!
Each page of My First Book of Shapes highlights a different shape and its features. By turning the clever die-cut acetate pages, children can observe... дальше
561 руб.
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Slide and Find Animals ABC
Slide and Find Animals ABC, 7 января 2016 г.
Is it cat or is it butterfly? Move the slider to see who's hiding behind the letter. This fun interactive board book features a different animal, word and noise for every letter of the alphabet. Easy to manoeuvre colourful sliding parts will ensure that even little hands can help with story time.... дальше
637 руб.
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Trace, Lift, and Learn: ABC 123. Board book
Trace, Lift, and Learn: ABC 123. Board book, 4 ноября 2015 г.
An exciting new series of early learning novelty board books that combine Scholastic's strength in learning with beautiful photography and clear designs to stimulate early learning.
Trace, Play, and Learn ABC 123 is an interactive book full of activities to help children learn their
... дальше
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