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Серия "PMC"

Производитель: Penguin Group
Всего 4 товара
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Boys in Zinc
Boys in Zinc, 2 марта 2017 г.
Alexievich Svetlana
A new translation based on the updated and expanded text. From 1979 to 1989 Soviet troops engaged in a devastating war in Afghanistan that claimed thousands of casualties on both sides. While the Soviet Union talked about a 'peace-keeping' mission, the dead were shipped back in sealed... дальше
986 руб.
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And Quiet Flows the Don
And Quiet Flows the Don, 2 февраля 2017 г.
Sholokhov Mikhail, Garry Stephen
The epic novel of love, war and revolution from Mikhail Sholokhov, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature An extraordinary Russian masterpiece, And Quiet Flows the Don follows the turbulent fortunes of the Cossack people through peace, war and revolution - among them the proud and... дальше
984 руб.
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2016 г.
Thurber James
American humorist James Thurber’s classic short story is about a man who escapes the tedium of his mundane life by retreating into his vivid imagination. This e-book features the original story, a selection of Thurber drawings and a new introduction by Rosemary A. Thurber, the author’s daughter.... дальше
849 руб.
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The Moon is Down
The Moon is Down
Steinbeck John
Originally published at the zenith of Nazi Germany's power, The Moon Is Down explores the effects of invasion on both the conquered and the conquerors. Occupied by enemy troops, a small, peaceable town comes face-to-face with evil imposed from the outside and betrayal from within the... дальше
666 руб.
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