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Серия "Oxford Linguistics"

Производитель: Oxford University Press
Всего 13 товаров
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Meaning Change in Grammaticalization. An Enquiry into Semantic Reanalysis
This book explores the semantic and pragmatic mechanisms underlying grammaticalization. Regine Eckardt argues that language change frequently involves a structural reorganization at the phonological, morphological, and syntactic levels. Speakers not only master the structural aspect of... дальше
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The Prehistory of Language
The Prehistory of Language, 1 июля 2009 г.
Botha Rudolf, Knight Chris
When, why, and how did language evolve? Why do only humans have language? This book looks at these and other questions about the origins and evolution of language. It does so via a rich diversity of perspectives, including social, cultural, archaeological, palaeoanthropological... дальше
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The Paradigmatic Structure of Person Marking
The Paradigmatic Structure of Person Marking, 28 февраля 2009 г.
Cysouw Michael
This book explores person markers, the linguistic elements that provide points of reference to speech-act participants. Michael Cysouw develops a new framework for the typology of person marking based on the rejection of the notion of plurality for its analysis. When a mother says Mummy... дальше
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Natural Language Syntax
Natural Language Syntax, 29 января 2009 г.
Culicover Peter W.
In this book, Peter Culicover introduces the analysis of natural language within the broader question of how language works - of how people use languages to configure words and morphemes in order to express meanings. He focuses both on the syntactic and morphosyntactic devices that... дальше
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Functional Discourse Grammar. A Typologically-based Theory of Language Structure
Functional Discourse Grammar. A Typologically-based Theory of Language Structure, 1 декабря 2008 г.
Hengeveld Kees, MacKenzie J. Lachlan
This book is the first comprehensive presentation of Functional Discourse Grammar, a new and important theory of language structure. The authors set out its nature and origins and show how it relates to contemporary linguistic theory. They demonstrate and test its explanatory power and... дальше
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Systematic Lexicography
Systematic Lexicography, 15 октября 2008 г.
Apresjan Juri
This book unites lexicography with theoretical linguistics. The two fields tend to ignore each other; lexicographers produce dictionaries, linguists grammars. As a result grammars and dictionaries are often discordant and sometimes glaringly incompatible. In Systematic Lexicography Juri... дальше
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The Phonological Enterprise
The Phonological Enterprise, 15 мая 2008 г.
Hale Mark, Reiss Charles
This book scrutinizes recent work in phonological theory from the perspective of Chomskyan generative linguistics and argues that progress in the field depends on taking seriously the idea that phonology is best studied as a mental computational system derived from an innate base... дальше
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The Grammar of Names
The Grammar of Names, 7 апреля 2008 г.
John M. Anderson
This book is the first systematic account of the syntax and semantics of names. Drawing on work in onomastics, philosophy, and linguistics, John Anderson examines the distribution and subcategorization of names within a framework of syntactic categories, and considers how the... дальше
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Linguistic Universals and Language Change
Linguistic Universals and Language Change, 20 марта 2008 г.
Good Jeff
This book looks at the relationship between linguistic universals and language change. Reflecting the resurgence of work in both fields over the last two decades, it addresses two related issues of central importance in linguistics: the balance between synchronic and diachronic factors in... дальше
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Practical Lexicography
Practical Lexicography, 25 февраля 2008 г.
Fontenelle Thierry
This book collects and introduces some of the best and most useful work in practical lexicography. It has been designed as a resource for students and scholars of lexicography and lexicology and to be an essential reference for professional lexicographers. It focusses on central issues in... дальше
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Phraseology. Theory, Analysis and Applications
Phraseology. Theory, Analysis and Applications, 5 апреля 2001 г.
Cowie A.P.
Over the last twenty years phraseology has become an important field of pure and applied research in Western European and North American linguistics. In this book the world's leading specialists examine the crucial role played by ready-made word-combinations in language acquisition and... дальше
2 297 руб.
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The Cradle of Language
The Cradle of Language
Botha Rudolf P.
This book is the first to focus on the African origins of human language. It explores the origins of language and culture 250,000-150,000 years ago when modern humans evolved in Africa. Scholars from around the world address the fossil, genetic, and archaeological evidence and critically... дальше
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Spontaneous Spoken Language: Syntax and Discourse
Jim Miller and Regina Weinert investigate syntactic structure and the organization of discourse in spontaneous spoken language. Using data from English, German, and Russian, they develop a systematic analysis of spoken English and highlight properties that hold across languages.
... дальше
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