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Серия "Footprint Reading Library"

Производитель: Cengage Learning
Всего 3 товара
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The Hidden Treasures of Egypt: 2600 Headwords
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt contains an extraordinary collection of ancient art, but even more of its treasures are hidden away in its basement. Museum workers are now preparing to show these valuable pieces in a new exhibition. What pieces will they exhibit? How will they decide... дальше
370 руб.
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The Exciting Streets of Barcelona: 2600 Headwords
People from all over the world love to visit a street in Barcelona, Spain called "The Ramblas". This walking-only street is centrally located and full of interesting artists, performers, and other entertainers. What happens on the Ramblas? What makes this street so exciting?... дальше
370 руб.
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Canyaking Adventure
Audio CD. Canyaking Adventure, 2009 г.
A group of young athletes have traveled to the Indian Ocean to visit Reunion Island for a unique challenge: canyaking. This tough outdoor activity is a combination of two different sports and requires the cooperation of all team members. What two sports does canyaking involve? Will the... дальше
706 руб.
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