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Серия "Everyman's Library classics"

Производитель: Everyman
Всего 4 товара
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The Brothers Karamazov
The Brothers Karamazov, 1 мая 1997 г.
Dostoevsky Fyodor
This is a magnificent new translation of Dostoevsky's masterpiece, which when first published in 1991 was described by the Times as 'a miracle' and by The Independent as a near 'ideal translation'. The Brothers Karamazov - Dostoevsky's most widely read novel - is at once a murder mystery... дальше
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Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment, 20 мая 1993 г.
Dostoevsky Fyodor
The sordid story of an old woman's murder by a desperate student provides the basis for a profound, philosophical drama of sin, guilt and redemption. Its grim theme and setting are complemented by manic comedy in this edition of Dostoevsky's famous novel.... дальше
1 462 руб.
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Persuasion, 4 июня 1992 г.
Austen Jane
This complete and unabridged edition contains a biography of the author and a new introduction and afterword. Anne falls in love with Wentworth, who had nothing but himself to recommend him, and no hopes of attaining influence, so persuaded by friends and family she breaks off the match... дальше
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Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina, 23 апреля 1992 г.
Tolstoy Lev
Anna Karenina is the story of a woman who ab andons her empty existence as a society wife and embarks on a doomed love affair with the passionate but emotionally ban krupt Vronsky. It is widely acknowledged as the greatest novel in any language.... дальше
1 588 руб.
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