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Серия "Preliminary English Test"

Производитель: Pearson
Всего 4 товара
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PET (Preliminary English Test) Practice Tests Plus 2 without key
+ Audio CD
* Each book introduces students to exam formats and provides step-by-step guidance.
* Useful tips are included to maximise their chances of excelling.
* A CD-ROM with two practice tests that exactly model the authentic, computer based test.... дальше
1 850 руб.
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Cambridge Preliminary English: Practice Tests Plus with Key. Teaching not just Testing
+ Audio CD
- 6 complete Practice Tests in exam format and incorporating the latest changes to the exam;
- full colour visual material for Paper 3;
- ready-to-use lessons introducing each task type in Test 1 & 2;
- extra practice of language tested in the exam;
- sample interview
... дальше
1 255 руб.
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PET (Preliminary English Test) Gold Exam Maximiser without key
PET (Preliminary English Test) Gold Exam Maximiser without key, 5 февраля 2004 г.
Newbrook Jacky, Wilson Judith
* Use it on its own as a short course (up to 40 hours), or alongside your main general English coursebook.
* Appropriate for young adults and adults.
* Thorough coverage of PET grammar syllabus, key topics and vocabulary.
* Packed with exam hints and hot tips.
* 'Language
... дальше
1 252 руб.
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+ Audio CD
1 621 руб.
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