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Серия "Readers"

Производитель: Express Publishing
Всего 2 товара
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Excalibur. Reader
Excalibur. Reader, 2017 г.
Dooley Jenny
- Will Uther keep his promise and give his son to Merlin?
- Who will be the one to pull Excalibur out of the rock and become the ruler who will unite England?
- Is love enough to beat hatred and save Arthur and Lancelots friendship?
- Will Morgan Le Fay's evil plans
... дальше
474 руб.
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The Selfish Giant
The Selfish Giant, 2011 г.
Wilde Oscar
The Selfish Giant has a heart full of pride but empty of love. He lets none of the children near his beautiful garden, making the whole village an unhappy place. Until one day, the garden becomes as dark and cold as the giant's heart. Will Spring come back again or will Winter stay in the... дальше
500 руб.
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