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Серия "Everyman's Library Classics"

Производитель: Random House, Inc.
Всего 4 товара
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Rob Roy
Rob Roy, 25 мая 1995 г.
Sir Walter Scott
Setting the romantic rural Scotland of the late 17th century against the prosaic cities of Glasgow and London, this story paints a tragic portait of Rob Roy MacGregor. The feudal world of the Highlands withers away under the onslaught of new commercial and political realities.... дальше
1 322 руб.
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Eugenie Grandet
Eugenie Grandet, 8 октября 1992 г.
This is a painfully drawn portrayal of private life, but its wider subject-matter also makes it a fictional document of post-revolutionary France.
1 147 руб.
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The Wealth Of Nations
The Wealth Of Nations, 26 сентября 1991 г.
Smith Adam
A book about economics which provides a comprehensive analysis of industrial economies. It offers an exposition of Smith's two great liberal principles of self-interest and natural liberty. This edition includes books one to four and an introduction to Smith's economic theories.... дальше
1 344 руб.
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One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Foreshadowing his later detailed accounts of the Soviet prison-camp system, Solzhenitsyn's classic portrayal of life in the gulag is all the more powerful for being slighter and more personal than those later monumental volumes. Continuing the tradition of the great nineteenth-century... дальше
1 147 руб.
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