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Серия "Young Reading 3"

Производитель: Usborne
Всего 4 товара
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The Queen's Pirate - Francis Drake
The Queen's Pirate - Francis Drake, 2007 г.
Sarah Courtauld
- The life of the famous Elizabethan sea captain told for children ready to tackle longer and more complex stories.
- Daring and ruthless, Francis Drake sailed the oceans in search of land and treasure for Queen Elizabeth I.
- Includes internet links to carefully selected websites
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476 руб.
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Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist, 27 октября 2006 г.
- A retelling of the classic Charles Dickens story for children growing in their reading confidence and ability.
- Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts from Roehampton University.... дальше
476 руб.
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Napoleon, 27 мая 2005 г.
Lucy Lethbridge
Sent to a military school at nine, Napoleon rapidly rose through the ranks of the French Army. But a brilliant military career wasn't enough. Soon, he had seized control of France - and then he embarked upon a plan to rule all of Europe.
- Stirring narrative and lively dialogue
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608 руб.
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Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus, 27 августа 2004 г.
Minna Lacey
- Vivid account of the extraordinary life of the explorer, Christopher Columbus.
- Lively narrative text, colourful illustrations and photographs bring the subject alive.
- Includes essential facts and insightful details to help the reader understand the famous person and their
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476 руб.
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