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Серия "Leer y aprender 3"

Производитель: CIDEB
Всего 3 товара
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Carmen - De la novela al libreto
Carmen - De la novela al libreto, 1 октября 2005 г.
+ Audio CD
A story of love and death which retells the tragic relationship between a gypsy, Carmen, and a soldier, Brigadier Don José, which turns Carmen into a smuggler, outlaw and murderer. This story was the inspiration for the famous opera by Georges Bizet, a ballet by Roland Petit and... дальше
692 руб.
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La Gitanilla
La Gitanilla, 1 июля 2004 г.
Miguel de Cervantes
+ Audio CD
In 17th-century Madrid, a beautiful gypsy called Preciosa has the admiration of all who see her dance and predict the future. A young gentleman abandons his place in society to go and live with they gypsies because he is in love with her. However, things become complicated when the... дальше
864 руб.
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Marianela, 1 июня 1991 г.
+ Audio CD
The tragic story of the romance between an abandoned orphan, Marianela, and a young blind man, to whom she acts as a guide. When Marianela’s love regains his sight, he falls in love with a young rich girl, and forgets about poor Marianela. This story manages to have a great resonance... дальше
811 руб.
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