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Серия "Leer y aprender 4"

Производитель: CIDEB
Всего 3 товара
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Don Quijote de la Mancha
Don Quijote de la Mancha, 2009 г.
Miguel de Cervantes
+ Audio CD
Friendly, honest, idealistic and big-hearted, Don Quijote wants to impose on the world his views on life, guided by love, by justice and by honour. However, the coarse and vulgar society doesn’t understand him and rejects his views. Initially written with the intention of ridiculing... дальше
786 руб.
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La Celestina
La Celestina, 1 октября 2005 г.
Fernando de Rojas
+ Audio CD
"La Celestina" is a story from the Renaissance that stands out from the crowd, which prefers a more authentic portrayal of reality instead of the sentimental approach typical of the period. A young man, Calisto, infatuated by the splendid Melibea, asks for help from the greedy... дальше
737 руб.
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La Española inglesa (Nueva Edicion)
La Española inglesa (Nueva Edicion), 1 октября 2005 г.
Miguel de Cervantes
+ Audio CD
A seven-year-old girl is kidnapped by the English during a naval raid on the port of Cadiz and is taken to London. A few years later Isabela is a beautiful and virtuous girl who is capable of overcoming the endless ups and downs to find love, even a conspiracy in the court…... дальше
924 руб.
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