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Серия "Lire et s'entrainer"

Производитель: CIDEB
Всего 3 товара
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Le Comte De Monte-Cristo
Le Comte De Monte-Cristo, 26 марта 2018 г.
Dumas Alexandre
+ Audio CD
Young sailor Edmond Dantès is about to be made captain and soon to be married. But his life falls apart because of other people’s jealousy and cruelty. Twenty years later, Edmond – who has become the wealthy Count of Monte-Cristo – returns to seek vengeance on his enemies.... дальше
905 руб.
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Notre-Dame de Paris. Level B1
Notre-Dame de Paris. Level B1, 1 марта 2017 г.
Hugo Victor, Lechevalier J.
+ Audio CD
Paris, 1482. The destinies of four characters intertwine in the shadow of the majestic cathedral of Notre-Dame: Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy; Quasimodo, the hunchbacked bell-ringer; Claude Frollo, the evil archdeacon and Pierre Gringoire, the wandering poet. Their lives clash with the... дальше
869 руб.
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Jamais de Jasmin (Niveau Un A1)
Jamais de Jasmin (Niveau Un A1), 2007 г.
Descombez Marguerite
+ Audio CD
Who would ever have said that Colette, a curious old lady, would be able to solve the mystery hidden in an apartment on the outskirts of Paris? Nothing escapes the shrewd and tenacious Colette, who leads an investigation in perfect order.... дальше
791 руб.
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