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Серия "Dover Full-Color Electronic Design"

Производитель: Dover Publications
Всего 4 товара
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Pirates + Book
CD-ROM. Pirates + Book, 2007 г.
Menges Jeff A.
This unique pictorial archive offers 190 images of high-seas adventure - 60 in color and 130 in black-and-white. They range from early woodcuts and engravings to the early 20th century, with portraits of famous pirates and their ships, plus depictions of historic and fictional scenes.... дальше
1 697 руб.
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Victorian Houses + Book
CD-ROM. Victorian Houses + Book, 2006 г.
Explore the striking architectural variety of Victorian-era homes with this excellent collection of more than 230 images - all selected from rare sources. Included are detailed illustrations of seaside villas, lavish country estates, secluded manors, and stately urban row houses, as well... дальше
1 697 руб.
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Old-Fashioned Vignettes + Book
CD-ROM. Old-Fashioned Vignettes + Book, 2004 г.
Grafton Carol Belanger
Treasury of permission-free images portray the innocence and sentimentality of a bygone era. Idealized motifs, selected from authentic 19th-century sources, depict Santa, horse-drawn sleighs, floral wreaths, clasped hands, cherubs, and children - hugging pets, strolling, and playing... дальше
1 404 руб.
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Full-Colour Pets
CD-ROM. Full-Colour Pets, 2002 г.
Practical CD-ROM and book collection - ideal for adding period flavor to countless graphic assignments and craft projects - includes 294 vintage illustrations of ponies, parrots, puppies, kittens, fish, rabbits, lambs, youngsters posing with pets, and other nostalgic images from rare... дальше
1 697 руб.
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