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Серия "Rough Guide Travel Guides"

Производитель: Penguin Group
Всего 4 товара
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The Rough Guide to Paris
The Rough Guide to Paris, 2009 г.
Blackmore Ruth
The Rough Guide to Paris provides accounts on the classic must-see sites like the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre, as well as delving deeper and allowing you to discover the less clichéd and commercial side of the city, such as the atmospheric streets of the Marais.
Packed with
... дальше
855 руб.
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The Rough Guide to Walks in London and Southeast England: The Best Walks within Easy Reach of the Capital
This guide uncovers a variety of walks both in and accessible from the capital. The city walks explore areas of London's rivers, canals and woodland, from Richmond to Camden. Outside of London there are accounts of both the established walks such as the Ridgeway and original routes taking... дальше
616 руб.
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The Rough Guide to Alaska
The Rough Guide to Alaska, 2001 г.
Whitfield Paul
The Rough Guide to Alaska provides extensive and insightful information on the US's premier adventure destination.
Rough Guide provides all the necessary steps to get you where you want to go, as navigational advice assures that you'll make it to every excursion, whether it be hiking... дальше
879 руб.
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The Rough Guide to New England
The definitive handbook to one of the most scenic regions in the US. Includes detailed accounts of Boston and the region's seaside resorts, from Newport and Nantucket up to Bar Harbor. Packed with informed coverage on where to hike, ski, bike, camp and take best advantage of the outdoors... дальше
703 руб.
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