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Серия "SF Masterworks"

Производитель: Daedalus Books
Всего 2 товара
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A Maze of Death
A Maze of Death, 2005 г.
Dick Philip K.
When 14 people arrive to colonize the otherwise uninhabited planet of Delmark - O, they quickly discover that their bizarre new world is more dangerous — and much, much stranger — than they ever could have imagined, in this 1970 novel by Philip K. Dick. The colonists have nothing in... дальше
405 руб.
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Valis, 2001 г.
Dick Philip K.
The mind-bending novels of Philip K. Dick transcend genre to explore the nature of consciousness and reality, placing ordinary men and women in congress with the unknowable and the awe-full.
Valis, the first in Dick's final trio of novels, is a theological detective story in which
... дальше
517 руб.
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