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Серия "I Can Read Chapter Books"

Производитель: HarperCollins Publishers
Всего 2 товара
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The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches
Wendy is a little witch who is afraid of her mean, bossy sisters, Polly and Wog - until one Halloween night, when she meets a new friend and discovers a few tricks of her own... Alice Low adapted this popular Halloween story specifically for the I Can Read Chapter Book format. With all... дальше
282 руб.
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The Animal Rescue Club
The Animal Rescue Club, 25 ноября 1999 г.
Kimmelman John
Who do you call when a squirrel is trapped in a mud puddle or a baby opossum is stuck in a drainpipe? Meet Jeffrey, Beaner, Raymond, and Mike - the Animal Resuce club Adventures wait around every corner as this intrepid band of kids, working with a Wildlife Rehabilitator, helps the wild... дальше
411 руб.
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