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Серия "Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers"

Производитель: Oxford University Press
Всего 7 товаров
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Designing and Analyzing Language Tests
Designing and Analyzing Language Tests, 10 июня 2011 г.
Nathan T. Carr
A Workbook and CD-ROM pack which provides a hands-on series of tutorials and straightforward explanations to enable users to use statistical tools and to move from a theoretical understanding of the issues in testing English language proficiency to the practical skills of how to design... дальше
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ESOL: A Critical Guide
ESOL: A Critical Guide, 15 октября 2008 г.
Cooke Melanie, Simpson James
This book provides readers with an up-to-date broad understanding of the distinctive pedagogic, social, and political contexts of teaching English to adult migrants in countries where English is the dominant language. The book contains reflective activities within each chapter, to enable... дальше
2 018 руб.
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Oxford ESOL Handbook
Oxford ESOL Handbook, 19 июля 2007 г.
Schellekens Philida
A practical toolkit which helps teachers promote effective language learning among migrants and refugees who have come to settle in countries where English is the national language. The focus is on practical techniques and activities, underpinned by the latest thinking in linguistics, to... дальше
2 136 руб.
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Doing Task-based Teaching
Doing Task-based Teaching, 26 апреля 2007 г.
Willis Dave, Willis Jane
There is currently enormous interest in task-based teaching and learning. But some teachers are still unsure of how to put it into practice. This book gives examples of a range of task sequences suitable for all levels of learners, using both written and spoken English. The advice is... дальше
2 255 руб.
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Teaching Second Language Reading
Teaching Second Language Reading, 15 февраля 2007 г.
Hudson Thom
This handbook will be useful for both beginning and experienced teachers who want to improve their practical strategies in teaching second language reading and their understanding of the reading process. The book examines a variety of approaches from classrooms and research that are used... дальше
2 524 руб.
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Doing Second Language Research:
Doing Second Language Research:, 3 февраля 2006 г.
Brown James Dean, Rodgers Theodore S.
Doing Second Language Research provides an accessible introduction to language learning research, and a 'feel' for what research activities are like, by engaging the reader in several roles within a variety of mini-studies across a range of research design types, both quantitative and... дальше
2 255 руб.
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Teaching American English Pronunciation
Teaching American English Pronunciation, 2 апреля 1992 г.
Avery Peter, Ehrlich Susan
This is a comprehensive introduction to teaching the pronunciation of North American English. It includes an illustrated description of the sound system of English, ideas for overcoming pronunciation problems specific to fifteen different languages, and a variety of approaches and... дальше
2 136 руб.
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