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Учебно-методический комплект (УМК) "Captain Jack 1"

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Captain Jack 1. Flip over Book
Captain Jack 1. Flip over Book, 2011 г.
Leighton Jill
Captain Jack is a three level pre-primary course, designed to teach English to 3-6 year olds in Spain. The course follows a story-based approach with a variety of age-appropriate activities. Worksheet activities are designed to develop children's motor skills and their cognitive skills... дальше
10 252 руб.
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Captain Jack 1
CD-ROM. Captain Jack 1, 2011 г.
Leighton Jill, Sandie Mourao
Captain Jack is a flexible, three-level, story-based course suitable for every teaching situation. Based on the adventures of the fun-loving parrot Captain Jack, it aims to help pupils become confident learners of English as they join Jack and friends on their discovery of the world... дальше
537 руб.
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Captain Jack 1. Pupil's Book Pack
Captain Jack 1. Pupil's Book Pack, 2011 г.
Leighton Jill, Mourao Sandie
Captain Jack 1 includes familiar and reassuring settings reflecting the reality of young children’s lives. A special emotional intelligence lesson in every unit helps children to recognize, understand and express their emotions in an appropriate way. Special My World units have stories... дальше
1 231 руб.
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