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English 365. Whiteboard Software 1

CD-ROM. English 365. Whiteboard Software 1

Авторы/составители: Dignen Bob, Sweeney Simon, Flinders Steve
Производитель: Cambridge University Press
Серия: English 365

The English365 Whiteboard Software is designed to be used alongside Student's Book Level 1, offering teachers a rich resource to complement the course and a more flexible way to manage and use the Student's Book in class.
The software contains approximately 270 learning objects from the 30 units of Student's Book Level 1. These can be displayed on the whiteboard screen and used interactively to enhance the learning experience while working with the course material.
The software features: - all the listenings, with the option to display audio scripts with or without the audio, and give answers - main illustrations and photos from the 30 units of the Student's Book - reading texts - the option to call up the Grammar Reference section.
In addition to these extensive resources from the Student's Book, this cutting-edge technology allows teachers to highlight text, hide and reveal illustrations, annotate anything on the screen, ask students to write answers or complete activities, bring in other resources such as the Internet and teach English in a truly twenty-first century medium.
The software is sold with a 16 page booklet, which gives teachers guidance on how to use the content in class.
Cambridge-Hitachi whiteboard software can be used with any proprietorial interactive whiteboards. The software can be used with a conventional screen/projector/PC but has enhanced functionality when used on an interactive whiteboard.

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