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Cutting Edge Intermediate New Edition Coursebook/CD-Rom/My Lab Access Card Pack

CD-ROM. Cutting Edge Intermediate New Edition Coursebook/CD-Rom/My Lab Access Card Pack

Авторы/составители: Peter Moor, Sarah Cunningham, Frances Eales
Производитель: Pearson
Серия: Cutting Edge Intermediate

MyCuttingEdgeLab is a powerful online teaching and learning tool. It gives teachers and students unlimited access to course materials that are automatically marked to give instant feedback – anytime, anywhere. All activities are fully integrated with the popular adult English course New Cutting Edge, which is known for its strong lexical approach, comprehensive grammar syllabus and task-based methodology.

For teachers:
- An unparalleled combination of tools and resources to take online learning and support to new levels.
- A wealth of interactive activities which can be assigned as online homework and save teachers time.
- Easy assignment of activities according to your students’ individual learning needs helps you to improve results.

For students:
- Even more practice to help improve results and become more confident in communicating in English... дальше ».
- Rich, interactive activities give immediate feedback and extend learning outside of the classroom.
- Personal gradebooks allow students to monitor their own progress and communicate tools help students work through any queries before the next class.
- MyCuttingEdgeLab contains hundreds of familiar workbook activities assessment taken from the TestMaster CD ROM students’ book audio for self-study additional activities including webquests
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