New Inside Out Digital - Upper Intermediate (single)

CD-ROM. New Inside Out Digital - Upper Intermediate (single)

Авторы/составители: Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones
Производитель: Macmillan Publishers

•Digital version of the Student's Book is visible on screen, allowing you to combine traditional book-based learning with the multimedia features of the digital version
•Ability to zoom in on specific content on screen
•All of the audio and video content related to the unit page is instantly accessible by tapping on the relevant icon. No more switching between software applications or hunting for the correct track on a CD player!
•Teacher's area providing a powerful presentation tool to build custom presentations, or adapt one of the pre-built templates
•Easy navigation provides quick access to pages in the Student's Book, to the teacher's area, to the printable documents and to help screens
•Supplied training material helps you to get up to speed quickly with this powerful software

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